Les digital natives, des consommateurs pas comme les autres ?


How ‘Digital Native’ Music Consumers Are Different From Everyone Else [Infographic]

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Aug 22, 2014 10:30 AM

Lisa Occhino

As Digital Immigrants – those of us who have experienced an analog world, and are constantly adjusting to new technologies as they pop up – the biggest source of our confusion and frustration about the way music is consumed today is likely due to the fact that we don’t understand the mindset of Digital Natives – people who have only ever known ubiquitous connectivity and content.

Hypebot recently shared a new report published by analyst Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research that sheds some light on the behaviors and attitudes of Digital Natives. « While the slow down in digital revenue growth revolves around spending transition of high spending Digital Immigrants, » says Mulligan, « it is the attitudes and behavior of the Natives that give us the best indication of how the digital music market will evolve. »

Here is what the average Digital Native looks like:


Hypebot elaborates on some of the key behaviors that were detailed in the report:

  • Online music video and radio are the two most widespread music activities for Digital Natives, both with 69% penetration.
  • With 52% penetration, streaming is the digital music zeitgeist for Digital Natives.
  • Digital Natives differ from other consumers most in free music activity.
  • P2P adoption is widespread but it is a new wave of piracy technologies, such as free music downloader apps and YouTube rippers that appeal most to Digital Natives.
  • Free music downloader apps are most widely adopted by Brazilian Digital Natives – with 48% penetration – whereas YouTube is popular across all markets.
  • Music matters to Digital Natives, with 85% stating music is an important part of their life.
  • A third of Digital Natives say they do not need to pay for streaming music because they get all they need from YouTube for free.


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